Heat-Flo Hot Water Storage / Booster Tanks

Heat-Flo Hot Water Storage / Booster Tanks are fully insulated, all stainless steel construction, and supplied with thermostat, drain and T+P valves factory installed.

Hot water storage tank units are supplied with hot and cold connections, and two dip tubes to circulate water through the heat source, and in and out of the tank.

With all top connections, these versatile units can be piped several ways to accomodate tankless coils, instantaneous water heaters, plate heat exchangers, or almost any hot water source requiring the storage to meet dump load demands.

Adding the ability to store hot water in a storage tank with accurate temperature control typically reduces fuel consumption because water can be produced and stored at lower temperatures, and burner cycling can be reduced.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • All stainless steel tank for long life
  • All plumbing connections located on top for easy installation.
  • Two extra dip tubes installed to circulate to and from the heat source.
  • Full two inches plus of polyurethane insulation for an extremely low heat loss.
  • A thermoplastic jacket that will not corrode or dent.
  • Standard controls for reliability and easy service.
  • Quality brass drain and P+T valves are factory installed.
  • Conforms to UL STD 174, Certified to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 No.110-94.

30, 40, 60, 80, and 115 gallon hot water storage tank units are available to suit both residential and commercial applications.

The 80 and 115 gallon hot water storage tank units are the way to go with hot tubs, spas, and multiple baths. Units can be banked in commercial applications and produce an enormous amount of hot water.