Providing Comfort and Hot Water to Homes

Heat-flo, Inc.’s quality, well-insulated water heaters provide the endless supply of hot water and energy efficient balance that today’s homes require.

Heat-flo, Inc.’s complete line of quality stainless steel water heating solutions provide abundant hot water, low operating cost and longevity in your investment.  Building owners or property managers appreciate the efficiency, reliability and durability of our solutions from 2” tank insulation to the flexible thermoplastic jacket that prevents dents and corrosion, your Heat-flo, Inc. investment will last for years to come.  

Our high quality indirect water heaters coupled with hot water booster and storage tanks provide homes with multiple baths, hot tubs, and shower sprays, with the energy efficient balance between heat input and storage. Adding hot water storage to high-demand residential applications results in reduced burner cycling by taking full advantage of a high-efficiency heat source.

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