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Multi-Energy Tanks

Heat-flo’s industry-leading, Multi-Energy Tanks are ideal for a variety of residential and commercial solar hot water and heating applications. Each Multi Energy Tank is available with or without a heat exchanger, in 60, 80 or 115 gallon capacities. Tanks with heat exchangers are available with one or two coil configurations.

Units equipped with electric backup are provided with a heating element, thermostat, and controls that can heat the tank if solar heat is not available, ensuring consistent hot water performance. Additionally, all electric backup units are also equipped with a high quality low watt density 240 volt AC, 4500 watt element. All units are equipped with a removable thermal well to accept a solar control thermostat or thermistor.

Quality Design and Construction

  • Tanks and coils are all stainless steel.
  • Large, smooth, stainless steel coils; no finned tubing to collect lime and sediment.
  • Over 2" of insulation, less than 1° / hr. heat loss.
  • Thermoplastic jacket will not corrode and resists denting.

Easy Installation

  • All pipe connections are on top for a neat, quick, and clean installation.
  • Brass drain and relief valves are factory installed.
  • Includes thermostat well.
  • Large 4” X 10” electrical box with pre-wired heating element, thermostat, and high limit on electric backup units.
  • Long life, low watt density element.