Heat-Flo Indirect Water Heaters

What is an indirect water heater?

An indirect is a storage tank with a heating coil built inside the tank. Hot water from any hydronic heating boiler is circulated through the coil inside the tank to heat all the water in the tank. The unit is piped like any other heating zone.

Why use an indirect water heater?

An indirect provides abundant hot water, low operating cost, and long life.

Abundant hot water

The Model 40 takes the full output of a 150,000 BTU boiler giving you over 150 gallons per hour of hot water @ 90 degree F rise, continuous! This compares to only 20 gallons per hour for a typical 4.5 KW electric water heater, and only 33 gallons per hour for a typical gas fired water heater. The Model HF-40 1st hour rating is 190 gallons. For an electric water heater to produce 190 gallons 1st hour, it would need to be a 187 gallon tank!

Low operating cost

Increased boiler on time increases boiler efficiency, and since there is no center flue like gas and oil fired water heaters, standby losses are extremely low. Operating costs of 50% less than an electric water heater are common.

Long life

No direct flame reduces lime accumulation and there are no electric elements to burn out. The units are all stainless steel construction. If you are installing or updating a hydronic heating system, or have an existing hydronic heating system, the indirect water heater is the right solution every time! Say goodbye forever to hot water shortfalls and high electric water heating costs.

Indirect water heater features and benefits include:

30, 40, 60, 80 and 115 gallon units are available to suit both residential and commercial applications.

The 80 gallon unit is the way to go with hot tubs, spas, and multiple baths. The 115 gallon unit can be banked in commercial applications and produce an enormous amount of hot water, a perfect single system solution for multiple unit housing.